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Congratulations to all our prize winners!

Good day folks,

I hope you all had a great rest of the Canada Day long weekend. Thank you all for taking part in the Lax Bash yesterday and hope you had a great time. We had a blast and owe a great amount of gratitude to all of you who took part.

Lacrosse is a team game and everyone on the team plays a different role. The sum of all the parts is what makes the team victorious and we feel that yesterday was a huge win!

Youth1st Lacrosse would like to also congratulate all our prize winners listed below. Please feel free to check back on our website as we will be posting pictures throughout the week under the Canada Day Lax Bash page. Please feel free to share your photos from yesterday and we would be happy to put them up on the page.

Thanks again for helping make this a Canada Day to remember and we hope that we can share this celebration with all of you for years to come.

Lax for life!


Prize winners:

Calm Air Flight tickets - Jensen Letham (Please contact me at

Traditional Lacrosse stick - Marcy Clark

Winnipeg Blue Bomber Tickets - Rod Patrick

Sports Xpress Prize Package - Carter Ullett

2019 Manitoba Blizzard Lacrosse Season Tickets - Leslie Williams (Please contact me at

Red River Collegiate Prize Package - Gord Tulloch

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