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2019 Peguis Box Lacrosse - Inaugural Game at Peguis First Nation Arena

Thursday July 13, 2019 - Peguis First Nation held the first ever Box Lacrosse demonstration game in the Peguis Arena.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard behind the scenes to get lines painted on the floors, shot clocks in place, equipment and box lacrosse goals ordered and delivered. It all came together. :)

Upon arriving into the community on game day, 8 school buses loaded up with students were pulling out of the school parking lot and heading over to the arena to see what lacrosse is all about. Walking into the arena, not only was the whole school there but also community members from all four directions gathered to watch and cheer on their team. It was a beautiful sight and a full house!

With music pumping inside, youth running around with lacrosse sticks in hand, smiles, laughter, anticipation, and excitement could be felt as we stepped onto the lacrosse floor.

The game commenced with both teams lined up on the restraining lines facing each other and Loud Eagle drum group performed an honour song to open up the event. As Official of the game, I was presented with a very nice gift from the teams and all players came up and shook my hand prior to commencement of the game. A great show of respect for Creator's Game.

From the first whistle of the game to the final buzzer, teams competed hard and found the flow state of the box game throughout the match. (Much tighter and quicker than the Field Game)

Big thanks to Peguis Central School and Coach Dave Raynor who was the catalyst to get field and box programs up and running in the community. Adrienne from the Peguis Arena for helping to get the lines down on the floor. Cory Bird / Tyler Woodhouse /Victor Sutherland / Jessica McCorrister for your support on and off the bench / field / gym. Sports Xpress for helping secure equipment / coaching support. Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council for your continued support over the years to help grow Creator's Game through Manitoba.

I'm sure I have missed a few so thanks to everyone involved and I look forward to watching great things evolve within the Peguis Arena, which I personally feel is the perfect venue for lacrosse.

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